Tuahine Earrings




Translated from Te Reo Maori:

(noun) sister or female cousin (of a male). 

Our Tuahine Earrings are crafted from offcuts of New Zealand Pounamu taken from the Oro Negro Jewellery Studio.

The hooks are handmade in Sterling Silver, the chain is also in Sterling Silver .925.


The inspiration behind the name of this piece is the story of how Saint Cecilia began. Manuela (our jeweller) was helping her older brother @frankie_ruins with his jewellery business when she was inspired to establish herself as a jeweller and continue the tradition of jewellery making within her family. The smaller stone represents @saint.cecilia.jewellery and the larger stone represents her older brother @frankie_ruins who helped train and educate Manuela of the different processes involved in jewellery making.


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